ABC History — Part 8

ABC History — Part 8

The New Classroom

Because of our first full-time native teacher’s contributions to get new students, I needed to expand the school. I didn’t expect to develop so rapidly. So what I needed quickly was … MONEY!

I started to design the classroom. I loved doing this. And it was no big deal because I had experience designing my parents’ house. I searched for construction companies and got competitive quotes. I decided who to hire and from where to borrow the money. With no hesitation, I chose the Japan Finance Corporation. Their interest rates were low, but their assessment of my plan was harsh. I was asked to revise my plan, so after some compromises, I was able to receive the loan. Construction took about a month, so I borrowed a room at my parents place from our spring break in March 2005 until after the Golden Week.


When the construction was completed, I asked my father to do the completion ceremony. I invited all the preschool students and their parents. I will never forget what my father said at the ceremony.

“In Christian countries, ‘work’ can be considered divine punishment. Because Adam and Eve broke their promise to God, they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Outside of Eden, they had to start working for their living.

However, in Japan, there is a different meaning. ‘Hataraku (work)’ means to help (raku) other people (hata). To work is to lessen the burden on other people; to give a hand to others to let them have an easier life. You work for your family, for your neighbor, or for anyone else. If you can do your job with this theory in your mind, you can make everyone happy.”

I sometimes recall his words and think about my behavior. If I’m being lazy, try to inspire myself from this story.

When I unlocked the classroom and took the first step inside, everyone had bright, shiny smiles, full of anticipation to see the beautiful, new school. I will never forget that cherished moment.

So now I’ve built the new classroom, but I have to return the debt. ABC English School was still developing.

ABC’s History continues in Part 9!




  1. Yuki's mom

    I am mother of a student in ABC. I don’t know about such as ABC’s history .

    I Think Teacher Ayako is great ,
    Further more I was inpressed to read this story.

    Please do your best and take care of
    My son likes ABC preshool.
    We hope ABC preschool will grow larger and and succeed.
    Thank you so much.

  2. ayako

    Thank you for the comment.
    Your son is great. He always makes me happy.

    I really want to say thank you all of student mothers, ABC’s teachers and my parents.

    I couldn’t do anything without their help.



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