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ABC History — Part 9

Hiring the Second Native Teacher

The full-time native teacher I first hired, Mr. M, helped me out a lot when interviewing new teachers. He would select the capable candidates from the applicants, and conduct phone interviews before my actual in-person interviews.

ABC’s second full-time native teacher was a Mexican American — Mr. E.


ABC History — Part 8

The New Classroom

Because of our first full-time native teacher’s contributions to get new students, I needed to expand the school. I didn’t expect to develop so rapidly. So what I needed quickly was … MONEY!


ABC History — Part 7

The Interview

On a crystalline autumn morning, earlier than the appointment, there was a knock on the school window. I immediately knew that he was the teacher I had been waiting for.


How much should I help?

A boy is crying in front of me because he can’t change his diaper by himself. And it is not only him. It happens many times, almost every day.


ABC History — Part 6

Native English Teachers

ABC English School’s first native, English-speaking teacher was an Indian-American man who used to be an ALT in Yoshikawa city. He was born in India, but moved to the US when he was two years old.


ABC History — Part 5

A Sudden Event

At my little ABC English School, student enrollment gradually started to increase so lessons were held more than once a week. I soon began to think that I would need to quit my other job.

One day, I was forced to make this decision in a hard way.


ABC History — Part 4

Part Time Work

When I first started ABC English School, I also worked part time at other English schools to gain experience. That experience and the people I met there have been a big help.


ABC History — Part 3

What did I do?

Distributing flyers wasn’t increasing student enrollment at ABC English School. So what could I do with my current students? I planned some special events.


ABC History — Part 2

How I prepared to start.

My dream to open an English school came true. But that was not my goal, it was just a start.

Just before I opened the school, my father told me, “Never give up once you start something.” “Isn’t that obvious?” I thought, so I replied with a light hearted, “Of course.” But soon I started to strongly feel the real meaning of his words.


ABC History — Part 1

ABC English School, my dream come true.

Every day I can hear bright, cheerful voices saying “Good morning!” and “How are you?” Our full-immersion program has enabled nonnative children to communicate in English. ABC English School, my energy source, develops lessons that are full of joy.

I made my dream come true because I never gave up.