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ABC History — Part 3

What did I do?

Distributing flyers wasn’t increasing student enrollment at ABC English School. So what could I do with my current students? I planned some special events.

Narita Airport Visit

We went to the airport and interviewed foreigners. During our normal lessons before the trip, we prepared the questions and practiced writing in our notebooks. At the airport, everyone got quite serious because communicating with foreigners was unlike our ordinary lessons.

Nursing Home Visit

We went to the Yoshikawa Heiseien nursing home during the Christmas season and sang some songs. The elderly people enjoyed it and held the children’s hands. I knew that there would be much affection between the children and elderly people. The students were shy and hesitant at first, but they gained confidence after receiving warm applause. Doing something for someone else, is actually doing something for yourself.

I planned these events not only to advertise the school, but to also let the students have different experiences using their English skills. Their parents seemed quite happy to know that ABC English School not only teaches English, but also promotes confidence through activities outside of the school.

ABC’s History continues in Part 4!