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ABC History — Part 4

Part Time Work

When I first started ABC English School, I also worked part time at other English schools to gain experience. That experience and the people I met there have been a big help.

Besides that, I also held private lessons with some of my relatives and I did some traveling lectures. I used to teach a group of housewives once a week right before going to my part time job.

During those days, I happened to teach a girl. She was the daughter of one of my private lesson students. Although this girl had been refusing to go to school because of bullying, she wanted to study English and I was asked to be her teacher. I hesitated in the beginning, but I wanted her to know that having English communication skills would help her expand her own world. So I decided to accept the offer.

She entered the classroom wearing a mask and had her hat low over her eyes. She didn’t even respond to my first greeting. It probably took all of her energy just to show up. But I’m very strict about manners. So I told her that she should at least reply “hello” when someone greets her.

Surprisingly, she said “hello” in a very small voice. I said “woo-hoo!” on the inside.

Her mom was also surprised to hear that she wanted to continue. She came to the lesson every week and showed progress little by little. A couple of lessons later, she said that she wanted to start going to school again. Everyone was excited to hear that. She finally got the courage to step outside and she started to study to enter a Free School.

It might have been a slow start, but she decided to walk by herself.

At the very last lesson she drew pictures of Conan & One Piece and gave them to me. These are still used for games and lessons at ABC.

Now she has grown up and gone out into the world, and I believe she will continue on her own path.

ABC’s History continues in Part 5!