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ABC History — Part 5

A Sudden Event

At my little ABC English School, student enrollment gradually started to increase so lessons were held more than once a week. I soon began to think that I would need to quit my other job.

One day, I was forced to make this decision in a hard way.

It was a chilly, rainy morning during the rainy season when my mother suddenly called my name. My father had had a heart attack.

Heart attacks do not always have dramatic symptoms. Someone could be sitting quietly, holding their chest in a cold sweat. They may be having a heart attack.

My father didn’t struggle or ask for help, but I immediately called an ambulance and rushed to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, I made a decision: I would quit my other job and focus only on ABC English School. Furthermore, I would expand ABC and open a preschool.

I started with only three staff members—a native English teacher, a Japanese assistant, and myself. I couldn’t afford employing full-time teachers, so they were hired as part timers and I asked them to adjust their working hours depending on the school’s income.

We held trial lessons at a community center named “Oasis” in Yoshikawa city. It was a good way to advertise the school. They had a library, a kids play room, and they let us put our lesson schedule on their signboard. Some people signed up to join the school after the trial lessons, while others gave us a call after looking at the signboard. Being able to advertise in a public facility was very effective for the growth of ABC.

ABC’s History continues in Part 6!