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ABC History — Part 1

ABC English School, my dream come true.

Every day I can hear bright, cheerful voices saying “Good morning!” and “How are you?” Our full-immersion program has enabled nonnative children to communicate in English. ABC English School, my energy source, develops lessons that are full of joy.

I made my dream come true because I never gave up.

After returning from a trip to the United States, I opened ABC in February 1998 using a room in my parents house.

Why an English school? I decided to open ABC, not only because I was already a kindergarten teacher, but because even though I hated English lessons at school, I liked studying English.

When I told my friends that I opened an English school, they were surprised and asked “Were you good at English in school?” Hah!

When I entered junior high school, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to study English. I often listened to English on the radio, and learned from my cousin who spoke beautiful English. Unfortunately, as soon as I heard the English spoken by the Japanese teachers, I got disappointed and started to dislike English. My dislike affected my class scores and eventually, my understanding of English decreased. But this personal experience showed me a reason why children who are not good at English stumble.

Although I didn’t like English lessons at school, I was eager to be able to speak and get a job using English. That was my dream.

My mother had been running a nursery at home, so ABC’s first 3 students were the children who went to the nursery. I started the class once a week, every Tuesday afternoon, and taught them English by myself. For my own studies, I also taught at a different school during the other days of the week.

To gather new students I tried all sorts of things …

ABC’s History continues in Part 2!